Découvrez Terra Aventura

Tèrra Aventura, it is the opportunity to discover New Aquitaine and geocaching, by diving into a captivating universe.

Boxes, called “caches”, are hidden in nature. The goal ?

Discover their locations and the treasures they contain!

In the caches of Tèrra Aventura live the Poï’z, small characters with strong characters, present in the form of badges to collect.

To flush them out, it’s simple. Choose a course, let yourself be guided, answer the puzzles and voila!

Terra Aventura is an original walk, a treasure hunt of a few kilometres that allows you to discover the territory, the local heritage and anecdotes, while playing.

Equipped with the 100% free “Terra aventura” smartphone application, the family is ready for adventure. With clues to be found, riddles to solve and a treasure to search for, young and old alike choose to explore the forest, towns, villages… with the excitement of finding the grail: the Poï’z. They are small characters with strong characters who populate the universe of “Terra Aventura”, guide you and their badges are to be collected.

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This fantastic universe allows you to share privileged moments with your children, meeting often unusual places.

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Terra aventura has 50 “high tech” treasure hunts in Corrèze and more than 400 to discover in New-Aquitaine, representing more than 1500 kms of trails to be covered all year round!